Our next Hosting Week is March 31-April 6

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You can follow highlights from Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative here:blog

Job Description for people providing MealsDinner Host Guidelines 2 16 15
Job Description for people anyone providing Child Care.Child Care Job Description 2 16 15
Job Description for Evening Hosting – or Saturday HostingFMF evening hosts 2 24 15
Job Description for Overnight Hosts Overnight Host Job Description 2 16 15

The Families Moving Forward (FMF) program offers families experiencing homelessness hospitality, emergency shelter and a path to home with support for stability. Four weeks a year, from Sunday afternoon through the following Sunday morning, volunteers from Faith welcome up to four homeless families at our church. In addition to a safe place to sleep and a warm meal, we share kindness and compassion with these families. Completing the circle of support, professional staff from FMF work closely with each family to address their unique barriers to stability.  Eighty percent families leave FMF for stable housing. Volunteers from Faith are key to creating a safe place for families to sleep and a warm meal.  There are many opportunities for individuals and groups to get involved, with most requiring a one-time commitment of 2-3 hours – hosting, leading children’s activities and meal preparation/serving. A couple of key areas where your help is especially needed are:

  • Set Up: Spend a couple of hours on the first Sunday of hosting, after church, to convert four of our classrooms into bedrooms for our guests by setting up air mattress beds and bedding.
  • Tear Down: Spend an hour before Sunday School on the Sunday at the end of the week turning the bedrooms back into classrooms by deflating air mattresses, and returning the tables and chairs back to the rooms so they are ready for Sunday School
  • Laundry: Pick up used bedding on the Sunday at the end of the week, wash it and return it to church.

If you would like more information about volunteering, please contact Ross Hanson at HERE or Steve Smith at HERE

One family’s story   Anastasia and Jonathan, parents of four young children, are working to make ends meet — and they feel fortunate to have found FMF on their journey from a substandard, poorly maintained apartment through a period of homelessness and into housing.
  Last year, the east St. Paul apartment where they lived changed hands and their lease was not renewed. They found themselves at a bus stop calling all the shelters they knew of, but there were no openings.
  Four kids, November. No. Place. To. Go. That. Night.
  As evening grew closer, they started calling everyone else they could think of for somewhere to stay.
  A friend of a family member finally offered to put the couple and their children up for a few nights in his tiny apartment. Four days later there was an opening at FMF. After several months in FMF and many apartment searches – it is difficult to find affordable housing for six – the family is now happily housed and moving towards a more stable, prosperous future with the support of FMF staff and volunteers.
  Anastasia said that FMF was “a blessing.” “We had everything we needed — access to job search tools, a computer, and shelter and meals.”  Jonathan calls it “a five-star shelter.”  He appreciated the program center’s facilities like the quiet room, where he could sit with the kids while they napped.
  In January, our congregation hosted families experiencing homelessness  after an illness , after a job loss.  Just like it was for Anastasia and Jonathan, Families Moving Forward ministry has been their abridge to stability ,  to a home.
  Thank you to the people that served our guests a meal, played a game with the children, set up the bedrooms ,  washed bedding ,  or made our guests feel welcomed. Your involvement in this ministry builds dignity and comfort for those just like us.