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Families Moving Forward has been a continual mission here at Faith Lutheran, sheltering temporarily homeless families for one week four times a year. However, Families Moving Forward is only one part of our larger collaboration with Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative.  The collaborative is committed to ending homelessness in three areas:  affordable housing projects in the metro, the Families Moving Forward shelter program, and public advocacy.      Beacon started in 2003 as one congregation, Plymouth Congregational Church in Minneapolis.  The members renovated a vacant nursing home into 40 homes for the homeless. Beacon has grown from that one congregation and its first housing project, Lydia Apartments, to nearly 90 congregations including Faith Lutheran, 19 housing facilities (with a new housing project just confirmed in Plymouth) for 800 people and shelter for 12 families every night of the year.      The congregations in the collaborative convene a couple times a year to celebrate achievements, build connections, and explore how our congregational mission fits with the goals of the collaborative and our visions for our 

community.  You are invited to attend.  Your involvement helps turn passion into action.

You never know when God’s grace is at work. It often touches our lives when we least expect it. In preparation for our last hosting, an FMF team of ten volunteer was shopping for groceries and sharing our Families Moving Forward mission with someone in the grocery store.  As he explained he was purchasing  supplies for our families, the woman paused. She had been very close at one time to homelessness and knew how easily it is to  be financially vulnerable. She might need these services some day so she offered to help contribute to the cost of the supplies knowing how important this ministry is to servicing families experiencing temporary homelessness. Her generosity and understanding embodies God’s grace.  We never know who God will work through right here in our community, among our friends and neighbors. It could be the volunteers who express love and support, our quests who embody patience and resilience,  or you.

Find out how enriching volunteering can be.

You can follow highlights from Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative here: blog

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