Shane Marcus – Youth & Family Minister

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My first year in seminary, I was explaining to a friend how much I loved middle school students. She put a hand on my arm and said “Oh, THAT’S a calling.” I love my role leading Confirmation and High School Ministry at Faith! A BA in Religion from Houghton College and an MDiv from Yale Divinity School have prepared me well. Before Faith, I worked for three years in an Episcopal church in Minneapolis and a year at a Baptist church in North Carolina.

My partner Sarah and I live in Edina, and trade off weekends: one with six kids in the house, and one with none! It’s a delightful, incredible adventure. We love camping, waterparks, backyard fires, and participating in the full year of sports seasons.

I’m an avid reader, and I always make sure to get through all of the Hugo Award nominees for science fiction / fantasy novel of the year. I usually have a Frostbeard candle burning while I read.

Having moved twelve times before I was twelve, my whole life has been a search for home. I love the Minnesota fall, and have always adored northern summers – now I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else!