Welcome to Ignite Confirmation!


WHY do we do this?

Confirmation ministry at Faith Lutheran is one of the most important elements of our faith formation program.  Students in 7th, 8th and 9th Grade are on the edge of independence. They are ready to think critically about their faith and decide whether or not they are ready to affirm the gift they received through the miracle of baptism.  They are also ready to grasp the big picture of the Bible’s narrative and consider their role in becoming or disciple, or follower, of Jesus Christ. 


NOT a Graduation Confirmation is not an ending, but an important milestone on a lifelong journey learning of Christian faith development and learning.  This marks the beginning of a student owning responsibility for cultivating and nurturing their own personal faith.  Clearly, it is not graduation from church involvement. We are not here to make “Lutherans,” but whole-hearted disciples of Jesus who follow Jesus with their passions, sense of vocation, and are ready to serve with their spiritual gifts in the world! 

In the Spring of their 9th grade year, these young people are invited to stand in front of their Faith Lutheran family to publicly “take ownership” of their own faith. We strive to support them by creating a network around them of personal and trusted relationships. We do this by trying to facilitate meaningful faith conversations among parents, peers, small group guides, mentors and our church staff. It is our hope that every family will feel equipped to live out their faith in their daily lives by engaging in meaningful faith conversation, weekly worship, Scripture study, and service together as a family.   
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