Rejoice & Reform Germany Choir Tour

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July 4
It was a long day of travel with members and friends of Faith Lutheran Church on the Reform and Rejoice Tour but we made it! We are staying at Colleg Wittenberg for the next few nights and the views all around are stunning!
Photos by Jeanine Kruschke
Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany. (Photo by Shelly Hilgers)
In Wittenberg, Germany. (Photo by Shelly Hilgers)
Sights and sounds of the day in Wittenberg Germany. Photos by Jeanine Kruschke

Concert Videos

The King of Love at:
St. Thomas Church : Leipzig, Germany
Castle Church : Wittenburg, Germany
Corpus Christi Chapel
July 6
Thoughts on difficult conversations creating BIG change.
July 7
St. Thomas Church, Leipzig, Germany.
This is the Church JS Bach served at from 1723 until his death in 1750.
(Photos by Shelly Hilgers)
July 8
Pastor Adam visited the tree he planted on behalf of The Lutheran Center (UNL) in 2016 as part of the Luthergarten project this morning. 500 trees were planted in Wittenberg, commemorating 500 years of reformation. Each tree was planted by a church or congregation, inclusive of a large number of Christian traditions. Each tree has a sibling, planted in the home of those who visited Wittenberg, remembering the breath of the spread of Evangelical reform.
Town Church and Castle Chapel in Torgau, Germany. (Photos by Shelly Hilgers)
July 9
Todays travels took us to Eisleben and Erfurt. We visited many different churches including the church Martin Luther was baptized in. We are now in Erfurt for a couple days before heading to Dresden then Prague. Photos by Jeanine Kruschke
July 10
Today was another busy day exploring Germany. We started our day at Wartburg Castle in Eisenach then headed to the Bach House (the house J.S. Bach was born in) and enjoyed a concert played on the instruments of Bach’s time. This evening we hosted a service at the Augustinian Monastery in Erfurt.
July 11
Today was a day to explore Dresden. The sights and sounds of this bustling city can only be described as decadent.
We started our tour at the Opera House and made our way to the Royal Palace. We ended our tour at the Church of Our Lady.
We are now in Prague. Tomorrow we get to tour this beautiful city. Photos by Jeanine Kruschke
July 12
First full day in Prague was jam packed! We started the day at Prague Castle-amazing! Then we crossed the Charles Bridge and explored Old Town. After a delicious lunch we explored New Town.
In the evening we enjoyed a traditional Czech meal with a fantastic band and dancers!

Photos by Jeanine Kruschke

July 13
Today was the last day in Prague and tomorrow we head home. This trip has been a whirlwind of information and beautiful sights.

Photos by Jeanine Kruschke