May 3 – 10, 2020
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This program offers families experiencing homelessness a safe place to sleep, hot meals, activities and friendship for our FMF families. For four weeks a year, volunteers from Faith welcome up to four families at our church. A typical week of hosting involves 90+ Faith volunteers who put in over 400 hours.
For more information about volunteering at Faith, contact Ross Hanson or Steve Smith
There are many ways to get involved in FMF!
Meal preparation: 2 hours preparing, serving and cleaning up from a meal for up to 20 people
Leading Children’s Activities: 1 1/2 hours interacting with children of all ages, playing games or doing crafts
Evening Hosting: 2 1/2 hours making our guests feel welcome
Overnight Hosting: 10-11 hours sleeping at the church as the volunteer contact overnight
Set Up: 2 hours on the first Sunday of hosting, after the 2nd service, converting four of our classrooms into bedrooms for our guests
Tear Down: 1 hour before Sunday School at the end of the week turning the bedrooms back into classrooms
Laundry: Picking up used bedding at the end of the week, washing it, and returning it to church
2020 FMF Dates:
AUGUST 2-9, 2020
DECEMBER 13-20, 2020
Families Moving Forward team is looking for a “Wednesday Team of Ten Leader”
The Team of Ten provides shared leadership for the FMF, as we host families for 4 weeks each year. In preparation for and during each hosting week, the Team of Ten ensures FMF families’ needs are met and trained volunteers are in place to create a homelike atmosphere where guests can receive what they need most: rest, rejuvenation, hope, respect, a confidence boost, and a sense of control in their lives.
The time requirement would be the Wednesday evening of each hosting week from 5:00-8:30PM and an occasional time slot on Friday evening or Saturday day/evening (approx. 5-8 hrs total).
For more information or to join the FMF team, please contact Ross Hanson email here >>> or
Steve Smith at email here >>>