Common Hope

Common Hope 2022 Vision Team
Faith is sending a vision team to Guatemala October 16-23, 2022. Would you like to hear more about this opportunity to experience the people, culture, and beauty of Guatemala while volunteering to help break the cycle of poverty through education? If so, contact Kris Ebent at 952-237-5190 or
Our Guatemala mission partner, Common Hope, invites your involvement as they continue serving families at this difficult time. You can read messages of hope posted each Wednesday, and learn about unique ways to sponsor students and families as well as other giving opportunities on their website:
Common Hope works with families in Guatemala to provide hope for better lives through access to education, housing, family development and improved medical care/nutrition.
Faith’s membership has supported this mission through sponsorships, mission trips, financial support, and prayer. It has been a life-changing experience for many members of Faith as well as for families in Guatemala.