Cemetery Ministry

Faith Lutheran Church of Waconia acquired the historic Rutz Lake Cemetery and through purchase and gifts has expanded the site. Founded over 150 years ago by Zion Evangelical Church of Mayer, the Rutz Lake cemetery was abandoned until Faith Lutheran Church restored the property to its original beauty it is today.
The cemetery is open to Members as well as Non-Members of Faith, and is Non-Denominational. The cemetery is maintained by a perpetual care fund.
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Cost of Purchasing Burial Rights at Rutz Lake Cemetery
2 Traditional Monument Lots $800
1 Traditional Monument Lot $450
1 Traditional Monument Lot – non-member $750
Flush Marker Lot Pricing Eliminated
1 Cremains Lot ( 2 burials ) $300
1 Cremains Lot ( 2 burials ) – Non-member $500
(Markers purchased separately)
Infant & Child Cremains Lot $200
Inquiries regarding lot purchases should be directed to Joe Larson at Cell: 952-484-6515 or jtlarson37@yahoo.com 
Directions to Faith Rutz Lake Cemetery
From Waconia, take County Road 10 to County Road 30 (the Mayer road) to Rutz Lake Road and turn left. The cemetery is on the right.
Officers of the Cemetery Ministry
President – Randy Wendland
Vice-president – Steve Nielson
Secretary – Dale Bradt
Actuary – Joe Larson
Superintendent – Roger Denbrook