Women’s Groups

4th Thursday Women’s Book Club


JUNE JULY, 2017 No book club meetings, but be on the lookout for books to recommend in August.

AUGUST 24, 2017 No book to read—Salad Supper and choose next book selections
Wednesday’s Women Book Group 
This group takes the summer months off.
It will return in September 2017



MOMS- Join us for a 5-week Summer “Moms Connect” in Brook Peterson Park!




You are invited to bring your kids to play in the park with our two sitters, while we moms discuss Rob Bell’s great and easy read called: “How to Be Here:  A Guide to Creating a Life Worth Living.”   This is a great book on learning to live in the present moment while we spend the days of summer with our kids.  Come as your schedule allows!

Leaders:     Pastor Christine Ruth  email here
                     Lynne Fredrickson       email here            
                     Cadee Winnie               
email here               Emily Antolick              email here

Time:           Meeting Thursdays @ 9:30am at City Square Park;

Cost:           $5/child or $10/family for childcare each week

Meeting/Reading Schedule:
July 13th                Part 5 & 6:  The First Number and The Dickie Factor
July 20th               Part 7 & 8:  The Two Things You Always Do and the Power of Plates

July 27th           Part 9 and End Notes:  The Exploding Burrito