Dear Faith Members,
On behalf of our mission, our staff and our all our ministries that are hard at work – we thank you for your support this year.
As presented at the November Congregational Meeting – our commitment to giving has declined. The recent decline in both October and November is alarming. While our Total Operating Expenses are right on budget; we are now $95,000 behind in giving. This is actual revenue we had committed to and plan to receive so we can provide all the programming, education and ministry work here at Faith.
Thank you to all of you whose pledges are current – we appreciate you. And if you have gone beyond your pledge – thank you. We appreciate any and all levels of giving. However, currently, we are asking all members to consider additional giving and help us close this gap by year-end.
God has blessed us with a great year of ministry and we have an exciting Advent season in front of us. We need your financial support now and look forward to eliminating this deficit.
With Gratitude,
Pastor Dale, Pastor Christine, Pastor Katie
Advent is a season of preparation, where we are invited to physically, emotionally, and spiritually “prepare” for Christ’s coming.  We might prepare physically by making Christmas cookies, decorating our homes, and making plans for holiday meals.  We might prepare emotionally by “creating space” in our busy schedules for the things that are closest to our heart or taking time to grieve and remember those loved ones we are missing this year.     We also prepare spiritually.  The word Advent literally means, “to come.”  It’s the time of longing, of yearning, of expectation – where we bring to mind places in our lives where we’re feeling stuck:  where we’re waiting for resolution, where we’re longing for reconciliation, where we’re seeking Christ’s light, clarity, and love.     
Please join us for worship as we journey through the 4 weeks of preparation for Advent, receiving God’s gifts of HOPE, PEACE, JOY and LOVE through the stories of Habakkuk, Esther, Isaiah and Joseph.  May the God of peace prepare your heart to receive the gift of Jesus in a meaningful way this Christmas.  
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