Why camp is great for Kids!
If you’ve been to Bible camp you’re not surprised to hear about the benefits of summer camp. But if you didn’t go to Bible camp as a child, you may not realize just how good the experience is for children. You may not know why so many parents are committed to sending their kids to camp each summer. We believe that every child should have a Bible Camp Experience and this is why:
Camp is action. At camp kids are unplugged from gadgets, instead they seek out the environment and their peers to create fun in a natural setting.
Camp promotes community. Each cabin group is a small group within the larger faith community. Campers learn about themselves by living with peers and guided by trained staff.
Camp creates future leaders. The camp experience offers kids a close-up look at compassionate leaders through the camp staff. Not only that, kids get plenty of opportunities to be leaders themselves.
Camp helps conquer fears. Camp teaches kids how to be active participants, ask questions, ask for help, and try new things.
Bible Camp is an immersion into a lifestyle of discipleship. Camp counselors model what it looks like when scripture prayer and worship are wrapped in a whole lot of fun.
This year Faith Lutheran kids (1st – 7th grade) have 2 weeks to choose from:
JUNE 21 – 27 or JULY 19 – 25  
Same programs offered both weeks:
HALF BLAST @ Shores of St. Andrew 1st – 4th grade / Sunday – Tuesday, $240
ANDY’S GANG @ Shores of St. Andrew 2nd – 5th grade / Sunday – Friday, $480
TRAILBLAZERS @ Shores of St. Andrew 5th – 7th grade / Sunday – Friday, $480
STARGAZERS @ Green Lake 7th – 9th grade / Sunday – Friday, $480
Our kids will be accompanied at camp by church staff. Ally or Pastor Katie or our brand new Children’s Minister will be there!

REMINDER that the best time to register for camp is BEFORE February 14th.  There is an early bird discount offered by the camp before that date. Faith Lutheran will also contribute up to 20% of your camper’s fees. Those monies will be sent directly to the camp and subtracted from the balance.