The MISSION of our Children, Youth and Family Ministries Our mission is to partner with parents and walk with children as they learn to follow Jesus, grow into their own faith, and reach out to touch the world with God’s amazing love.  Shared CORE VALUES of our Children, Youth & Family Ministries

  • WORSHIP –Children, Youth and their Families will experience worship as the heartbeat of Christian community. Whenever they gather they will have a centering time focused on shared scripture, prayer and song. 
  • PRAYER — In various and multiple settings prayer will be modeled as a foundation piece. In prayer children are invited into the praying community who acknowledges that God is present among us.
  • RELATIONSHIPS – Building cross + generational relationships with adults, who may or may not be their parents, is a key element in the faith formation of young people. All Faith Lutheran programs for children, youth and families will be intentional about building quality relationships between people of all ages.
  • SERVICE – Children, youth and their families will experience meaningful acts of service as a part of everyday life as well as an outreach tool to the community and to the world.
  • SAFETY – Parents will always be assured that the physical and emotional safety of their children is valued and will be protected by Faith Lutheran Church
  • FUN – Children, Youth and their families will grow in faith in the midst of a community that has fun together.

QUESTIONS?  Contact Children, Youth  & Family Minister:  Mary Toufar  or Youth Minister: Ally Klug