Spring is Coming and So is Peace – By Pastor Katie

Even though we celebrate the season of Easter and the joy of Jesus’ resurrection, we are clearly continuing in the spirit of Lent. The Eastern Orthodox Church calls Lent the Great Fast, which seems like a fitting description, not just of Lent but of our life now, beyond the forty days. 

As my internship supervisor, Pastor Paul Palumbo, says, “In the life of the church, we are fasting from gathering every week and from seeing the faces of fellow worshipers…We are fasting from visual reminders of the faith; the cross, the paraments, the altar, and the lectern. From all of this, and from countless other important parts of our lives, we have been quarantined. Even so, the spirit of God is at work.

The ‘quarantine’ aka ‘stay at home’ order continues, the fast continues, and the SNOW continues… 

Last Thursday, when it was snowing, I said to the Mom’s Connect group that my husband, José, was nearly in tears because he is DONE with snow and winter. My (almost) three year old, on the other hand, was ECSTATIC! “Snowy day!” He shouted. “It’s SNOWING!” He beamed. 

It has snowed nearly every day this week, not unusual for mid-April in Minnesota, but I’m ready for winter to find the door, and usher in spring. 

Today, as I look out the window from the spare bedroom, my makeshift office now that we’re all at home, the sunshine seems brighter. I can hear the birds chirping and singing the songs of spring. The icicles mean the snow is melting. Springing is coming. The tulips are coming up in the gardens, the latest bout of cold and snow hasn’t crushed their desire and determination to grow and bloom. 

Spring is coming. 

    I can hear it in the birdsong, and the animals and insects vocalizations. 

    I can see it in the blooms, the melting, and the sprouting plants and trees. 

    I can feel it in the warmth of the sun, and in the joy of a 40 degree day.

    I can smell it in the wildflower proudly brought home to me by my little one. 

Spring is coming, and so is peace. 

This week’s gospel reading is from John 20, the story of Jesus’ resurrection appearance to the disciples and to Thomas. 

    The disciples are hiding behind locked doors and filled with fear. 

Jesus comes into their midst and says, “Peace be with you.” 

    Then, a week later, he appears again for Thomas, who was absent that first time. 

    Again, Jesus says, “Peace be with you.”

Jesus knows we are fearful, we are anxious, we are in need of some Good News. 

Jesus’ peace comes to each of us where we are and that peace looks different, depending on what we need. 

The Word of God is a living word, and it comes to each of us where we are, as we are, and fills us with what we need. 


Peace be with you. May God’s peace that passes all understanding grant you the peace your heart needs. 

Peace be with you, wherever you are. 

Peace be with you for whatever keeps you awake at night. 

Peace be with you as you find new rhythms and new normals. 

Peace be with you. 
Pastor Katie

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  1. Rachel Hjelsand says:

    Thank you Pastor Katie for these words. I call my mom and read it to her. She has no internet or computer for any of this stuff. She loves hearing this ❤️

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