Hello Faith Community,
It is a big shift to close our building, but how awesome is it to have all this technology to stay connected and informed?
A colleague from a Facebook group that I follow shared this video link for caregivers with children and the young at heart. I would like to recommend it to you as well! (After a FREE 7 day trial, there is a monthly fee, but there are LOTS of options for your kiddos and family!) The story I’d like to recommend is “Theo – What is the church?” (Episode 13) It teaches us that the Church is not just a building made of bricks and wood, nor is it an exclusive club. No, the church is an inclusive body of believers from all races, ethnicities, and nations. It is the people of God worshipping together, even through Facebook!
The main character, Theo, tells the story of the early church in the first century. The early church began on the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit filled believers with the ability to walk as Jesus walked and gave them spiritual gifts to spread the Gospel. The church reflects God’s glory not by being a big building, but by Christians reflecting His glory.
Click this link https://www.gominno.com/whats-on.
Scroll and click Theo (On my computer, it is in the first column, the 5th one from the bottom.)
Scroll and click Episode 13 “What is the Church?”
How will we be showing the world Christ’s love this month?
Dear God, we know that the church is not a club, but a community of believers. Help us to be motivated by both a love for you and a love for each other. May we reflect Christ’s glory in such a way that our neighbors will be drawn to you.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.
There are more episodes of Theo to check out on that link. Additionally, I recommend the “Buck Denver: What’s In the Bible” Series. It’s a mixture of live actors, puppets, and cartoons.
I spent a bunch of my morning watching these fun and silly videos that are full of faith educational opportunities. The age appropriateness for each one varies. Honestly, even if it looks like it’s geared for younger kids because of the puppets and cartoons, there were things that I learned!
Praying that you are finding moments of rest, happiness, peace, and beautiful moments with your family as we discover new and unexplored ways of doing “church”. We are available by email or phone if there is anything you need during this time.
God is with us,