2020 Marriage Retreat
Have you ever wished your spouse came with an instruction manual?  Are you interested in learning ways to more effectively move past the sticking points in your marriage?  Please come join us for the winter marriage retreat, Better Together: Exploring Relationship Dynamics with the Enneagram. Areas of emphasis will include:
  • A review of each of the nine character structures and self-observation.
  • Typical relationship challenges between the three intelligence centers:  Head, Heart, and Gut.
  • Understanding how to recognize the characteristics of our own personalities that cause the sticking points in our     relationships.
Scott McRae of the Sojourners Spiritual Direction Program will teach us tactical ways to grow in communication and understanding with our spouses. The subject matter will be meaningful and relevant if you are first hearing about enneagram or build upon the information if you attended last year. We hope to see you there!
Oak Ridge Hotel & Conference Center
January 24th & 25th
Better Together: Exploring Relationship Dynamics with the Enneagram
For couples interested in fellowship and marriage enrichment