Lent 2020 “Love Without Limits”
Our Lenten Journey this year is steered by our overall theme “Love Without Limits” which comes from
the title of a book by Professor Jacqueline Bussie. Professor Bussie teaches at Concordia College in
Morehead. We encourage the entire congregation to read her book during Lent. As part of our 50th
Anniversary celebration Professor Bussie will be our guest at Faith on April 19, the Sunday after Easter.
Please watch for detailed announcements about her visit. Book are available for purchase in the church office or here >>> on Amazon.
Pastor Katie and Pastor Dale will continue the “Love Without Limits” theme in Sunday sermons
throughout Lent. They will explore with us the unlimited love of God and Jesus as well as some of the
challenges in loving without limits.
Please join us for soup suppers and worship on Wednesday nights during Lent. We will be using “Holden
Evening Prayer” as our liturgy and guest speakers will bring the message. The speakers will be sharing
personal stories of “Love Without Limits, While Setting Healthy Boundaries.”
Lent is a time of reflection, remembering and repentance. These are spiritual practices that prepare us
to more fully appreciate the resurrection of Jesus. Please join us on the journey to Easter this Lent. As
Pastor Katie often says, “Wherever you are on your faith journey, you are welcome here.”
Feb 26 – Ash Wednesday Service at 12:00PM
              Soup luncheon to follow
Feb 26 – Service at 7:00PM
March  6 – Holden Evening Prayer Service at 7:00PM
March 11 – Holden Evening Prayer Service at 7:00PM
March 18 – Holden Evening Prayer Service at 7:00PM
March 25 – Holden Evening Prayer Service at 7:00PM
April 1 – Holden Evening Prayer Service at 7:00PM
April 9 – Maundy Thursday Service at 7:00PM
April 10 – Good Friday
       Children & Family Service at 2:00PM
       Good Friday Service at 7:00PM
April 12 – Easter Sunday
       7:30, 9:00 & 10:30AM
Feb 26 – 5:30PM
Chicken & Wild Rice, Minestrone (veg. option)
Chicken Tortilla Cheesy
March 6 – 5:30PM
Vegetable Beef Barley, Cream of Potato (veg. option)
March 11 – 5:30PM
Chili con carne, Vegetarian Chili (veg. option)
March 18 – 5:30PM
Chicken Noodle Hearty, Vegetable (veg. option)
March 25 – 5:30PM
Tomato Basil Bisque, GF soup (veg. option)
April 1 – 5:30PM
Creamy potato w/ Bacon, Tomato Ravioli (veg. option)
3 different soups every week, rolls, homemade salads and bars. Beverages provided. This year we are having “People’s Choice” soup each week! To vote for your favorite soup, please like us on Facebook.
Cost: $5/per person ages 4+, $20/Family max.