KIDS’ CLUB and KIDS’ CLUB CHOIR – Kindergarten-4th Grade

& Kids Club Choir

Kids Club and Kids Club Choir Invites New Members

     Kids Club is  GREAT OPPORTUNITY!

           . . .  but WHY?

Kids Club is an afterschool program on Tuesdays.  It meets at 4:00 at Faith.
  •  Kids Club is a small group just for kids
  • It builds community that crosses boundaries of neighborhood, school and age level
  •  Kids Club kids get to know each other very well
  •  They talk about Bible stories in a small and intimate group
  •  Kids Club kids get to share about their own lives with their Kids Club friends
  •  They become a family that plays together AND prays together
  •  Kids Club kids play games and have fun at their church


Kids Club kids share a meal together at 5:00.  The meals are provided by Kids Club families. 

  • Eating a meal together adds depth to the Kids Club community
  • Kids Club kids learn a variety of sung table graces
  • Kids Club kids and their families practice hospitality as they prepare and serve meals


Kids Club Choir rehearses on Tuesdays from 5:30 – 6:00 pm in the sanctuary

  • Kids Club Choir sings in worship about once a month
  • Kids Club songs are fun and energetic
  • The congregation is always happy to hear the voices of the Kids Club Choir
  • It is possible to register just for the choir and not for Kids Club

Kids’ Club and Kids’ Club Choir begin on Tuesday, September 18

4:00 pm  Kids’ Club
5:00 pm  Light Dinner
5:30 pm  Kids’ Club Choir Rehearsal
  QUESTIONS?  Contact Children & Family Minister: Mary Toufar  Kid’s Club Choir Director:  Cadee Winnie
 Kid’s Club and Kid’s Club Choir Registration CLOSED