04/02/2020 Shaking the Magic 8 Ball – By Pastor Katie

Well, the novelty has worn off. Reality is setting in, this ‘new normal’ could last a while…Another way to say this, is that the ‘honeymoon’ phase of everyone being home and being together is starting to wear off.


03/19/2020 We are all in this together. – By Pastor Katie

We continue to walk in the season of Lent, often consider a time of wilderness, a time of unknown, of spiritual discipline to reprioritize and connect with what matters most: loving God and loving others.


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  1. Joan Peterson says:

    My message disappeared. I was basically finished but hope it got sent. Thank you Pastor Katie. Had one more thought. Where we find our selves offers different opportunities. Being alone in an apt not looking to socialize I realized I could pray more. The ambulances go out right behind me and behind that is the hospital so I’ve taken them on praying for each hospital run that goes out and in plus the hospital .

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