At some point in the lives of people who have been baptized as babies, we hope that they will stand up in front of a congregation and personally lay claim to the promises of their baptisms. They will confirm that the faith in which they were baptized is their faith too. When Affirmation of Baptism is used this way, we call it “Confirmation.”
In the community of faith, we are essential members of the body of Christ. We are named by Holy Bap­tism as “children of God.” We share the joy and responsibility of shaping one another in the Christian faith. Affirmation of Baptism traditionally marks a transition point in our Christian lives. The rite encourages the community to recall things that are past and to look forward to new possibilities.
Affirmation of Baptism is not just about the young people who stand before the congregation. The rite offers the whole community an occasion to come together to celebrate our connectedness in the One through whom we are named children of God, Jesus Christ.
At Faith Lutheran the actual service of the AFFIRMATION of BAPTISM or CONFIRMATION happens during the 9th grade year in the Spring. This day is not an ending, but rather a jumping off point to a lifelong journey of continued connection to the Faith Family.
Confirmation (Instruction in the Christian Faith)
The Confirmation ministry of Faith Lutheran is an important element in the faith formation focus of the congregation. We take the call of Jesus in Matthew 28 to “Go, make disciples and teach them …” very seriously. It is our intent to accompany young people on their walk of faith. We work to incorporate young and growing disciples into the real life and mission of the congregation.
Faith is a gift from God, planted in the hearts, souls and minds of his children. God gives the faith and God provides for the growth. Personal and trusted relationships with parents, mentors, peers and small group leaders are among the sparks that IGNITE the faith that is already present in our young people.