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Faith Lutheran Church – Wish List – Budget 2019 (Items not part of budget – one time event.  Items that are general maintenance will be incorporated in the annual budget) The wish list is designed for people who want to donate above and beyond their pledged amount to the church. 
Item Description Cost
Lighting in Sanctuary   $5,000
Landscape on the west side of church Add trees/plantings $1,000
LED lights in entry and hallway   $2,000
Carpet for Gathering Space Poor condition TBD
Custodian room and electrical room add carpet over concrete floor $500
Debt reduction Lower Principle Balance TBD
Sponsorship for Youth Trips and/or Guides Help pay for travel expense TBD
Sponsorship for SS, VBS & Confirmation Sponsor a participant TBD
Monument sign w/electronic announcement display Replace original monument sign TBD
Announcement Monitors and software 2 Monitors for Gathering & Community TBD
Microphone Needed for Stenier Hall Use TBD
Acolyte Robes Due to wear and tear TBD