Update from 2/27/2022
After a successful second interview, the call committee will be recommending our current candidate to the church council for the position of Senior Pastor at Faith. Council vote will take place on Tuesday, March 15.
Meeting recap from 2/17/2022The committee met to discuss and plan the logistics of a second interview scheduled with a candidate.
Continue to pray for the committee and the candidates they encounter.
Meeting recap from 01/20/2022
The call committee met via Zoom on Thursday, January 20th at 7:00pm.
– We discussed our upcoming interview with an out of state candidate. We will interview the candidate via Zoom on Monday, January 24th. We appreciate prayers from the congregation to guide us on our journey to find a new senior pastor, and specifically for a productive interview on Monday.
– The call committee anticipates another candidate name to be forwarded from the Bishop’s office within the next couple of weeks.
Meeting recap from 01/15/2022
The call committee will be meeting via zoom on Thursday, January 20th at 7:00 to prepare for an upcoming interview with a recently recommended candidate.
The call committee will interview an out of state candidate via zoom on Monday, January 24th at 7:00pm.
Meeting recap from 01/05/2022
We met after a brief holiday break, via zoom on 1/5 at 8:00pm.
– We are in the process of requesting follow up information from an out of state candidate.
– We know many of you traveled over the holidays and worshiped with family and friends. Did you see a pastor that sparked your interest? Please remember to keep referring names of potential candidates to the call committee.
– The call committee continues to ask for congregational prayers for guidance, movement, and momentum in this process.
– Our next meeting is scheduled for 1/13 at 8:00 pm. via zoom.
Meeting recap from 12/07/2021
After interviewing 3 candidates the call committee decided 1 may be a fit for Faith. However, when offered a 2nd interview, that pastor removed himself from our call process for personal reasons. We have reached out to the synod and will wait for more candidates to come forward.
We as a call committee understand how important it is to find the very best fit for the future of Faith and very strongly want to wait until that right fit is found.  Though this process is long, we must remember God has a plan in motion for the congregation at Faith Lutheran, and in His time, that person will be ready and excited to join us here at Faith.
Meeting recap from 11/14/2021
The call committee met in person on Sunday 11/14. We interviewed pastor candidates both in person and virtually. We then met after interviews to discuss the candidates. We then met as a committee via zoom on Wednesday 11/17 to further review the candidates. We are in the process of calling references, and plan to meet via zoom again on Sunday 11/28 to discuss results of references and discern where we are in the process. We hope to schedule 2nd interviews (via zoom and in person) after our next meeting.
Meeting recap from 9/26/2021
The call committee met via zoom on Sunday, September 26th, at 7:00 pm.
There is not much new to report. We are in contact with the synod office regarding any new candidates names. We are also working with them on how to move forward with the call process with the latest Covid circumstances.
As always we ask that the congregation keep the committee and the call process in their prayers. Please also continue to forward names of potential/interested candidates to the call committee via the referral forms available on the welcome table, the church office, and the church website.
Meeting recap from 9/12/2021
Call Committee met at 7:00 via zoom.
We continue to wait for the synod to forward us additional names for the senior pastor role.
We are meeting on a regular basis to keep the process moving forward and attend to new/additional information we receive.
We ask that the congregation refer potential senior pastor candidates to the call committee via the nomination forms located at the welcome desk, the church office, and online.
Please continue to pray for the call committee, the call process, and the candidates we encounter.
Our next meeting is scheduled for September 26th, 7:00pm, via Zoom.
Meeting recap from 8/29/2021
– Pastor Craig from the Bishop’s office joined us for an update on the candidates the synod has sent us thus far, and when to expect more candidate referrals to come our way.
– We discussed the timeline for interviews- Starting the interview process sooner versus later with the anticipation of additional candidate referrals arriving in next few weeks. We will wait two weeks to schedule interviews with the hope of multiple interviews within a short time frame.
– We ask that the congregation continue to pray for the call committee and the call process. We ask that you continue to forward names of potential pastoral candidates to us via the referral sheets available at the welcome table and the church office.
– Our next meeting will be Sunday, September 12th, at 7:00 via zoom.
Meeting recap from 8/23/2021
The Call Committee met on Monday, August 23. At this meeting we continued sorting through the candidates brought to us from the Synod for consideration. It was decided to move forward with a selection of these candidates and begin setting up interviews in early October. If you know a Pastor that would be a good fit for Faith, please continue to forward these names on to the Call Committee. 
We ask for continued prayers as we move forward in considering candidates for our Senior Pastor position here at Faith. 
Meeting recap from 7/28/2021
– 3 candidates were brought to us by the synod office for consideration on July 28th, along with these names we are expecting a couple more in the coming week.
– The call committee is in the process of going through all the information provided to us by the synod office for each candidate.
– An email was sent to each of the 3 initial candidates thanking them for their interest in Faith and letting them know we plan to begin interviews within the next month.
– Our next meeting will be WEDNESDAY, AUG. 11 at 7:00pm – NO meeting on Aug. 4th. The plan for this meeting will be to determine who we would like to interview and when.
Minister Recommendation Form
We will forward all recommendations to our synod staff for consideration. The synod staff will help us determine which candidates our call committee should interview. Thank you for your suggestions.
Next Steps: Bishop and Congregation Meeting 06/15/2021
Quick recap:
Current Action Item – congregation members are encouraged to nominate pastors to be part of the call process. Forms are available at church (in the office and at the Welcome Desk) the folder to submit nominations is in the office. (This is supposed to go via Eblast and hopefully a website form as well.) 
Meanwhile, the Minneapolis Area Synod office is compiling a list of possible candidates as well. Once they have names from us, they will begin reaching out to pastors from their list or pastors who self-nominated and requested to be a part of our process. 
Bishop Ann thinks it will take 1-2 months to get a list of potential candidates compiled and brought to the Call Committee. From there the committee will review the candidates and their paperwork, and then decide who to invite to interview. 

Constant Action Item – Pray for the Call Committee for wisdom and discernment as they follow the guiding of the Holy Spirit. Pray for the person who will become our next pastor. Pray for Faith as we go through this transition process, that we can celebrate Pastor Dale and his ministry, as well as prepare our hearts to welcome a new pastor. 

The Bishop shares the official process for our call committee, and will answers questions from the congregation in the video linked here. Re-play by clikcing here >>> https://youtu.be/Z6Lve3Peu04

Call Committee Update
Upcoming timeline/steps for Call Committee-
– Bishop & Congregation Meeting: Monday, June 14th at 7:00pm in the Sanctuary — the event will be live-streamed and people can submit their questions on the livestream chat
– A communication will be provided to the congregation for members to submit names of candidates they feel are qualified for the senior pastor role
Short Term goals:
Completion of Ministry Site Profile/forward to Synod.
Questions covered:
Church Programs, Goals of the Ministry.
What we are excited about:
Partnership/Engagement with Synod, Ministry Site Characteristics, Giftedness.
Members: Pat Butler, Jeanine Kruschke, Diane Hamilton, Brian Ebent, Craig Antolick, Doug Scholla, Shirley Granlund, Ann Rassman, Kelly Dreier, Matthias Bergstrom.
Ministry Site Profile
The Ministry Site Profile (MSP) is intended for use by congregations and church-related organizations that are seeking to call a rostered minister of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, or a First Call candidate for rostered ministry. Congregations must complete the entire MSP. Church-related organizations may, with the concurrence of the synod bishop, complete only the required sections (Part I, III and IV).
Ministry Site Profile Download >>>