Call Committee
Call Committee Update

All members present (minus Doug Scholla).
Members: Pat Butler, Jeanine Kruschke, Diane Hamilton, Brian Ebent, Craig Antolick, Doug Scholla, Shirley Granlund, Ann Rassman, Kelly Dreier, Matthias Bergstrom.
Craig led devotional.
Short Term goals-
98% completion of Ministry Site Profile.
Schedule joint meeting with transition team? 
Forward Ministry Site Profile to Synod.
Pastor Katie has requested a Ministry Minute for this Sunday. Diane will cover early service, Jeanine will cover late service. 
Continued working on the Mission Site Profile. Questions covered this evening included:
Church Programs
Goals of the Ministry
Energy- what we are excited about
Partnership/Engagement with Synod
Ministry Site Characteristics
References (both internal and external)
Gifts for Ministry
Call Committee Update
– Call Committee met on Tuesday, March 23 at 7:00 in Steiner Hall.
– Jeanine Kruschke agreed to serve as Chair of the Committee. 
– Flexibility may be required in meeting scheduling, especially in the beginning of the call process. Perhaps meet
  more often than every 2 weeks. 
– At next meeting we will record a video of Installation of the Call Committee to be played at services. 
– A copy of a summary from the Transition Team will be mailed out the the committee members so we can take note
  of information, goals, etc. 
– Time is of the essence in proceeding with the MSP (Ministry Site Profile). Looking to have office staff help with
  filling in some of the demographic numbers. 
– Flexibility will be important in the fall and early winter as Pastor Katie has announced she is due in September.
– Pastor Craig Pederson from the synod was present at the meeting to give insight into the Call process from their
  end. There are 3 ways candidates will be known to the council and call committee- congregational nomination,
  curated list from the Bishop office, and self nomination.
– Next meeting will include conversation on our church inclusivity message.
– Jeanine has volunteered to be Chaplain at the next meeting. 
– Next meetings of Committee scheduled for April 6th and April 13th both at 7:00 in person at Steiner Hall.  Zoom
  meeting tentatively scheduled for April 27th.