My wife, Kris, and I live in Waconia and have two boys who are now in college, and we are finding ourselves adjusting to the “empty nest.”
Faith has been an important part of our lives, and we have enjoyed watching our family grow alongside our Faith family. While pastors and staff members have changed over the years, one constant has always been the God-centered teaching and learning opportunities that are ever present if you look for them.
I am excited for the opportunity to represent the congregation in calling our new senior pastor. This is my second call committee, and I feel my prior experience in various church leadership roles such as Treasurer, Council Member, Stewardship Chair, and Building Committee member allows me to understand how important getting the right senior pastor is to the ongoing success of Faith.
Fun Fact: I’ve also completed a few marathons and am planning on going to Guatemala with the Faith Common Hope team in Oct. 2022. See my wife, Kris, if interested!

My family and I joined Faith shortly after moving to Waconia in July 2019. I’ve been a co-leader of my daughter’s BYG group for two years, we participated in Dinner For Eight, and I enjoyed the Moms Connect zoom calls last spring. We were drawn to Faith because of the friendly members and active youth program.

My family and I love to travel. Covid restrictions have forced us to put our passports on the shelf for now. Instead, we’ve been enjoying discovering some amazing spots right here in our own beautiful country.  Since last spring we’ve been to Key West FL, Glacier National Park/Whitefish MT, Grand Canyon/Sedona/Tucson, and we are looking forward to a short Alaskan adventure this summer.

My name is Jeanine Kruschke. My family and I live in Belle Plaine, my husband Peter’s hometown and the town I currently teach 3rd – 6th grade general music and 5th and 6th grade band. I have a daughter Sophia who is in 8th grade.

My family and I have been members at Faith since 2009. I am the director of the Prime Time Band and also am part of the Worship and Ministry committee. My husband Peter helps with sound for Prime Time services and my daughter Sophia is active in Ignite.

My very favorite part about being at Faith is all the opportunities that are available through kids ministries, music and small groups. We drive the distance each week because we feel a part of the church, at home, and welcome at Faith.
My name is Pat Butler. Along with Jayne, my wife, and my two boys Mike (14) and Matt (12) we have been members of Faith Lutheran for a little over 13 years. I have been active at faith most recently as the Church Council Vice President and Chair of the Personnel Committee. In June 2021, I will take over as Church Council President. I have taught Spark and BYG, as well as been a member of the properties committee.
Faith Lutheran feels like home to me. When I walk into the church, the sights and smells are relaxing. The casual atmosphere, friendly staff and welcoming congregants keep me energized to continue to work for the long term success of the church.
Fun fact: I used to own a tree removal business. I am no longer cutting trees professionally, but I still love to do it every-now-and-then.
Hi, I’m Doug Scholla, age 72, and have been in Waconia for 25 years along with my supportive wife, Chris. Most of those years we’ve been members at Faith Lutheran. We have 3 children; Heidi, Tim and Katie. I’m currently the owner of Scholla Financial, Inc. in Waconia. We specialize in health insurance
solutions for individuals, families, Medicare beneficiaries and small groups. Our services include other financial products including final expense plans, annuities for retirement, life insurance and other services.
I am mostly involved in the music program singing in the choir, being a song leader and perform solos along with assisting in services when needed. I have served on long-range planning, stewardship and council. Over the years in other churches, I have served on many church and synod committees.
I graduated from Augsburg University in Minneapolis; started my science teaching career in Watertown, MN becoming a school principal in northern Minnesota (Gonvick.) I changed careers and became a Lutheran Brotherhood insurance agent in Benson, MN; took a management position in Rochester, NY; another management position in Wausau, WI (both with LB) before moving to Waconia in 1995.
Both Chris and I have been very involved in Lutheran churches in the towns which we lived. I feel it has been the backbone of our lives…. accepting that God has always something good in store for us! The main thing we love about Faith is that we can gather together with grace to feel and spread the Love of Christ; I can do this through my gift of music and song.
Our most favorite thing to do is spend time in our back yard on Lake Burandt cultivating the beauty of nature…some might say I’m a little meticulous about my lawn, shrubs, and fish pond! We always enjoy sharing these with friends and maybe if you’re nice, a gin & tonic or some good wine.
I live in Waconia with my husband Travis and daughters, Luna (3) and Zola (1). I teach biology at Chaska High School. I enjoy spending time in nature and exploring new places. I have been in the Bell Choir, on the Church Council, and a member of the Worship and Music Committee and Connections Ministry. I also enjoy the small group opportunities at Faith, inlcuidng Dinner for 8, DVD group, mom’s connect, and retreats I have you been a Faith member for 8 years.
Some of my favorite aspects of Faith are the inclusivity, music, and the relationships with the congregation members.
Interesting fact: I have lived in some unique places: I served in the peace corps teaching science in Kenya Africa and I lived the the Absorka Beartooth Mountains (Montana) as a camp counselor /backpack guide for 4 summers.
I am Matthias Bergstrom and I am 15 years old. I just got confirmed this year and am looking forward to other youth activities the church offers. I have been a member at Faith for 11 years.
I enjoy here at faith all of the youth activities that the church offered before the pandemic and am looking forward to getting to be able to do those activities again.
One interesting fact about me is I have 31 ties in my collection and it is just getting started.

I have been attending Faith Lutheran on and off for the past 8 years, and we formally became members close to two years ago. I serve with LOVE INC and just prior to the pandemic I became a greeter for Sunday services. What we love most about Faith is the all-inclusive, very energetic and welcoming community.

It is an honor for me to serve on this Call Committee but realize we can’t do this alone. We need the prayers and support from the Faith Community to guide us. Please continue to pray for the Committee as we move forward with this important search for a new Senior Pastor at Faith Lutheran.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree (Applied Art and Design). My first love is textiles so you might find me weaving at any one of my four looms I have. Some of my other interests are painting, basket weaving, floral design and the art of Pysanky (Ukrainian egg dying).

Over the years we have lived in England for 4 years, Massachusetts for 33 years and then back home to Minnesota in 2010. One of my favorite places I’ve visited is Russia (as a communist country). I once went parasailing over the Caribbean Sea and I will never do it again.

I am a recently retired Executive Assistant to four different College and University Presidents.
My name is Craig Antolick. I am a husband to Emily and father of three boys who range from 11 to 4. I was born and raised as a country kid in a small town in western Minnesota. I moved to the cities to continue school and find more job opportunities. While living in Minneapolis, I met my wife. We later settled in the Waconia area to raise kids. I was a volunteer firefighter for six years before getting too busy with work and our growing family. I now work on web technologies for Optum. 

How are you involved at Faith?

I am on the Technology and Communications. I was a co-leader for a Men’s Video Study. 

How long have you been a Faith member?

We have been members for five years. 

What you like about Faith?

The values of Faith align with my personal values. Inclusive and loving are essential in living and loving like Jesus.   

Have I had a brush with fame? 

I have a selfie with Phil Rosenthal from Somebody Feed Phil (the Netflix series). We look like we could be related. 

Have I been anywhere exotic?

Emily and I have been to Machu Picchu.

If I could be a contestant on a Game Show, what would it be?

Wheel of Fortune. 

My name is Ann Rassman. Along with my family (husband Rod, son Callahan, and daughter Riley), I have been a member of Faith Lutheran for 20 years. I have served Faith in a variety of roles over the years including Sunday school teacher, Confirmation Group Leader, Confirmation Mentor, and Building and Capital Committee member. This is the second Call Committee on which I have served.


My favorite thing about Faith Lutheran is the sense of community and home I experience. My sister and her family worship and serve at Faith as well and I like that we share that connection. I look forward to fully opening up services and reestablishing that connection!