Baptism Class Dates
Baptism is one of the two sacraments of the Lutheran church as commanded by Jesus. In Holy Baptism God frees us from sin and death as we are reborn children of God. This class focuses on the rite of Holy Baptism and how it is lived out in one’s life.
Upcoming Baptism Class Dates:
Next Baptism Class : June 2022
Contact the church office to learn more/sign-up! 952-442-2101
Who may be baptized? All people of any age who desire to be joined to Christ’s death and resurrection may be baptized. We very often baptize infants, welcoming them into the church at a young age and emphasizing that the promises given in baptism are God’s work rather than the baptized’s. Parents may present their children for baptism whenever they desire to have the child baptized. As the child grows in years and understanding, he or she will have the opportunity to publicly affirm the baptism at Confirmation.
How do I schedule a baptism at Faith Lutheran Church? Baptisms are part of our worship life together, and may be scheduled for Sunday worship services twice each month. We ask that before the baptism is scheduled, parents or candidates for baptism first attend a baptism class. These classes are offered every other month at Faith Lutheran Church, and focus on the meaning of baptism and the life of discipleship that follows.
May I schedule a private baptism? Baptism is a sacrament meant to take place within a community of believers. The congregation’s profession of faith, welcome on behalf of the whole body of Christ, and their promises to support and pray for the baptized person in his or her new life in Christ are important parts of our baptismal rite. Therefore, private baptisms are only done under very exceptional circumstances. If you have further questions, contact a pastor.
What is the role of a baptismal sponsor, or godparents? At most baptisms, there is at least one sponsor who promises to nurture the baptized person and help her or him live in the covenant of baptism and in communion with the church. Sponsors, or godparents, are chosen by the candidate for baptism or the parents. Sponsorship is more than an honorary office. Sponsors should be fellow Christians who will be involved in the life of the baptized, working alongside the parents and the congregation to nurture the faith development of the baptized as he or she grows in relationship to God and God’s church.
What happens after baptism? After a baptism takes places, parents, sponsors and the congregation both rejoice in God’s grace and also strive to fulfill the promises they have made. Faith Lutheran Church is a community committed to nurturing the faith of the baptized through opportunities for worship, service and learning. Faith also strives to equip parents and sponsors as they raise their children in Christian faith. Contact the church office or peruse our website for more information on participating in the life and mission of this congregation as we walk together as disciples of Jesus Christ.
Can I be baptized again? If you have already been baptized, you need not be baptized again. As we state in the Nicene Creed, “We acknowledge one baptism for the forgiveness of sins.” If you feel that a baptismal ritual is appropriate to mark a return to the church or a transition within the church, contact a pastor about doing an Affirmation of Baptism. If you have not been baptized into the Christian faith, “in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit,” register for a class or contact a pastor.
How can I celebrate my baptism? Baptism happens only once in a person’s life, but the gift of baptism continues throughout a Christian’s life. It is appropriate to celebrate your baptism daily! As a congregation, we return to our baptisms each time we confess our sins together in worship and are raised up to new life in Jesus Christ by receiving God’s forgiveness. In addition, you may wish to mark the anniversary of baptisms in your home. A simple family ritual done yearly can be a powerful reminder of baptismal promises, as well as a cause for celebration! Contact a pastor for ideas or help getting started.