04/23/2020 Calling All Detectives – By Pastor Katie

A reoccurring theme this week has been newness, particularly the question: what is new (and good) in your life?
That was our opening question for my Spiritual Direction Group on Monday. Then Tuesday as we waited for everyone to sign into the staff meeting, Shelly, our pianist, asked Pastor Dale, “so, what’s new?” To which Pastor Dale replied, “not much new here, I wish there was something, or more, new.” 

We then challenged the staff to share one new (and good) thing for them in this time. Though some people needed time to think, we all had at least one new thing that was good. 

Newness is everywhere. From the new life of spring, to new books, new family memories, and so much more. 

In last Sunday’s sermon, about Jesus’ appearance to the disciples and then to Thomas, I talked about how Jesus comes into our midst, through locked doors and fears. Jesus shows up. Easter isn’t just a single Sunday where we put on pastels and thank a magical bunny for bringing chocolate. (Don’t get me wrong, I do love the chocolate.)

“Easter is a whole new reality,” as Pastor Jim Demke says. 

As Barbara Brown Taylor says, “Whoever you are, you are human. Wherever you are, you live in the world, which is just waiting for you to notice the holiness in it” 

This time of Easter, we, Faith Lutheran, are inviting YOU to be a detective and share your God sightings with us. The world is filled with God’s presence, just waiting for us to notice. God is everywhere, Jesus is risen, and the Spirit is on the move! 

Here are some of my God sightings this week: 
Sunday – I’ve been watching, and photographing, our tulips this spring. It is so easy to forget that growth takes time, and has setbacks (hello, SNOW!) and yet, new life continues to spring up out of the ground. I was so surprised that they lived through the week, because we didn’t cover them to protect from the snow and frost (forgive me, botanists!). God, and life, can surprise us!

Monday – These two love birds, my parents, celebrated 34 years of marriage. They have taught me teamwork, the value of understanding, our agency in making decisions for ourselves, and that unconditional love doesn’t mean it will always be easy. We love because God first loved us.” 1 John 4:19.




Tuesday – this little chalk message, “Hang in there” entering a tunnel in a highly used stretch of path near our house. There are so many little ways I see people supporting one another, encouraging one another, and getting through this together (six feet apart). I’ve lamented with friends on calls how we missing being together, and how clear it is that we are created for community. At the same time, I think our wider community is connecting in new ways: hearts on windows across the world, chalk signs on pathways, and all of us staying home to protect one another. God has created us for community and God is here! 




Finally, another place I’m seeing God this week is through the eyes of my (almost) 3 year old. There is so much that is new for him, that has become commonplace for me. 

Last week we were outside and heard a woodpecker in a nearby tree. Ben looked at us and said, “what was that?!” We told him, “a woodpecker.” 

“A red pepper?!” Ben responded with amazement. He isn’t familiar with “woodpecker” neither the word or the animal meant anything to him. So, for the rest of the day, he was telling us he heard a “red pepper.” 

Our walks are long, and involve a lot of looking at rocks and sticks, and then throwing said rocks and sticks into the stream. When Ben wants to go on a walk he says, “let’s go find duckies,” and so we go off on an adventure. We’ve found ducks, geese, squirrels, birds, fish, and even a bald eagle. The gift of toddlers to make us stop, to make us listen to the sounds, and look at ALL of the things. It is a gift to be present to the moment. I’m seeing so much that is new, so many creatures in God’s creation, through the eyes of my (almost) three year old. 

So, put on your detective gear, open your eyes, your ears, and your heart—God is everywhere! Jesus Christ is risen, he is risen, indeed. Alleluia! And the Holy Spirit breathes fresh air into our lungs. 

Where are you seeing God this week? What small (and big) ways are you seeing signs of encouragement, hope, humor, peace – all these are ways that God comes to us in our daily life. 
Pastor Katie

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  1. Joan Peterson says:

    Living for this time with Son Eric, wife Carrie and 2 sons,6th and 8th grade and getting to remember the pre and early teens. they are so fun.Both spend time online with friends, So different. They are kind gentle boys.what a treat
    Also I’m helping to rake and uncover the smallest of little blue flowers in their gardens . what a joy such simple beauty is. Love being in nature. zGods beauty.

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