03/26/2020 God gets it. – By Pastor Katie

For everyone trying to work from home: tell us something your kids re doing, but call them your coworkers, and we can tell you how upset HR will be. (Stolen but hilarious!)

Monday – my coworker says he is a dog, insists on my calling him ‘puppy’ and keeps trying to lick my face.  

Tuesday – my coworker rebelled against our makeshift schedule and got grandpa to let him watch Daniel Tiger and eat Cheetos.

Wednesday – my coworker has decided that anything he doesn’t want to do he responds, “the answer is no,” where is the cooperation or collaboration?

Thursday – my coworker has decided to try to ‘help’ me do my work, which means sitting on my lap, playing with the mouse and typing a lot of zeros onto a black document. When others try to lure him out of our makeshift office with snacks and activities he says, “I’m busy working.” Then when I ask if he is done working he says, “nope, not yet.”

I would love to hear what your “coworkers” aka children are doing at home! (Post a comment below!)


We took advantage of the snow on Monday to make a snowman, filled with leaves and grass, because spring is breaking through.

Well, friends, we knew this time was coming. The “Stay at Home” order has come, starting tomorrow night, Friday, March 27ththrough Friday, April 10th–which is also Good Friday.

We know that Holy Week will be very different than we are used to. We know we won’t gather together on Easter morn to hear the herald trumpet and proclaim in the sanctuary, “Christ is risen! He is risen indeed. Alleluia!” 

I’m going to quote my brilliant friend and colleague, Pastor Beth Wartick, who said this week, “The first Easter took place with no fanfare or packed churches. It looks like this year will be more like that. It will still be Easter. Resurrection is not fragile. It does not depend on us. It all depends on God, who will not let us down.” God is faithful, God does not let us down, and resurrection always comes.

I pre-recorded my sermon on Tuesday, because we didn’t know when we would be asked to stay at home, and only leave for essential things, for the sake of our neighbors. You’ll hear my sermon on Sunday, the text is John 11, a familiar text, the illness, death, and raising of Lazarus. In our virtual, Thursday Morning Men’s Text Study today, I realized there is something I wish I would have included in my sermon.

John 11:35 “Jesus wept.”

A line known for being the shortest verse in the Bible. More importantly, however, is the depth of emotion Jesus feels, the verses around it say Jesus was “greatly disturbed” and “deeply moved” by the grief and weeping around him.

Jesus wept, even though he knew Lazarus would be raised to life again, even though Lazarus’ death was not the end of the story. Jesus wept. He wept because illness, suffering, grief and death are real.

Jesus enters into the grief of his friends, enters into the grief of the community, and enters into the loss of life, the loss of a loved one. Jesus doesn’t say, “Stop crying, I’ll fix this—BOOM! Resurrection.”

Jesus weeps with us, walks with us in the unknown, and abides with us in the hard times of life. As Lutherans, we call this the Theology of the Cross. God meets us in the pain and grief and death found on the cross, God doesn’t just meet us in the glory of resurrection, our God meets us here and now.

Our God does not say, “I’ll see you on the other side when things are better”

Our God does not say, “I’m testing you with all of this hard stuff, see you on the other side.”

Our God does not say, “You’re supposed to grow in your faith, I’ll see you when you’ve figured it out.”

Our God says, “Here I am, in the midst of your illness, suffering, grief, death, pain, any part of life, here I am, I am with you, I will walk with you, I will abide with you.”

Now that is a God I want to be close to, that is a God who ‘gets it,’ that is our God, in whom we place our trust.

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  1. Joan Peterson says:

    Thank you sermon helped settle my thinking, priorities etc. My own lack of skill began to learn how to keep the message going , just 3 tries over 2 hours and heard it all. Now to go back and hear the last half a of the last 2 weeks. Next week will be perfect. Never to old to learn
    Lots of project, cleaning ugh, and books to read but hard to stay focused. Keep turning on CNN and it drowns on in th back ground. Need to do better. Liz made me a shutterfly book and the got all 191 of my pictures developed. It was a beautiful gift. A real blessing. so also the story of BEN. Be still and no that I am God. My calming mantra
    Love and thanks to you JOAN P.

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