Come join us for the

2019 Winter

Faith Marriage Retreat:

Crossing the Divide and Growing Together-Exploring Ourselves and Our Relationships through the Enneagram

Individuals and couples and encouraged to join us for our co-ed Winter Marriage Retreat exploring an ancient “map” known as the Enneagram.  The Enneagram is a helpful map, leading us through and beyond our personality types into a deeper knowing that is grounded and inspired. It guides us beneath the surface of our lives, in ways that are challenging and freeing. It’s 9 pathways to living more easily and authentically in the world. Often framed as a “personality test,” the Enneagram actually invites us out of our boxes rather than putting us into a box. Research suggests that 80% of us function primarily out of a reactive mindset. No wonder we struggle in relationships! Through presentations, and personal and couple reflection times, presenter and spiritual director, Scott McRae, we will seek to unlock some of the life-long patterns that drive us and others a bit crazy.  The goal of this retreat is to move closer to ourselves, our partner, and our God so that we feel more alive and free in our lives and relationships. Some issues we will explore:

  • The 9 types of reactivity, and the mental and emotional patterns that keep us stuck
  • The 9 pathways that lead us out of reactivity and into our best selves
  • The ancient spirituality of the Enneagram, and its modern psychological wisdom
  • What the shadow side of our personality is, and why it wreaks havoc in our marriages
  • Practices for the 9 types that lead to relational intimacy and spiritual growth

If you are new to the Enneagram, you will need to complete an Enneagram Type Indicator in advance.   Registrants will receive an on-line link.  Both couples and individuals invited to attend.  Friends and community members welcome.  Registration closes Sunday, December 30th

Dates:                        January 11th-12th, 2019

Cost:                          $150 for individuals; $240 for couples

Enneagram Profile:  On-line profile costs $12 at

Location:                   Oak Ridge Retreat Center in Chaska

Time:                          5:00pm Friday-5:00pm Saturday

Cost includes luxury overnight accommodations, three meals (dinner, breakfast, and lunch), snacks, and speakers.  Register HERE! by December 30th or contact Pastor Christine at Here!