It’s Time to Go!

Today is our day of departure.  I feel nervous and preoccupied:  “What did I forget?  Will my daughter make is to basketball on time?  Will my husband remember to pick my son up from his DECA competition?  Are we all going to get the flu on this airplane flight?”  These are the “start-of-a-mission-trip” musings of a mother who is leaving two kids and one husband behind with a very crazy schedule.   I’ve gone on enough of these trips to know that they always seem to start with passion and inspiration to make a difference in the world, but in the course of time, give way to bouts of anxiety and fear.  I keep coming back to 2 things:  purpose and prayer.  In the midst of stress and anxiety, I remind myself that when we set our intention to serve God – to set time aside to purposely engage with God’s kingdom and to seek God’s face through community and meaningful action, God is always faithful and shows up in ways that boogle my mind.   When we seek God, God wants nothing more than to be found by us.  This week, I pray that God will be found by all of us – not just those of us who travel with Common Hope, but with the friends and family members who are left behind.  I pray that God will deepen my husband’s relationship with my kids – now that this controlling mama is  FINALLY out of the picture!  I pray that our stories will somehow touch the lives of those of you back home who need a break from your winter doldrums.  I pray that God would give us more than we could ever ask or imagine – as we endeavor to break out of our winter routines and serve our brothers and sister in Guatemala.  Thank you for your prayers and support as we go!

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