Common Hope Antigua – Day #4 with Paul Brown

Today was another busy day in Guatemala for the Faith Luthern service team.  My team moved the walls, roof , doors and windows to the home site. It is located on a very crowded plot surrounded by other small homes.The slab foundation had been poured yesterday.The cobblestone streets we traveled  made for a rough ride but we could  experience the landscape from the back of the pick-up that much better.  We then returned to the Common Hope campus to build walls for next week’s home. After that we had another excellent meal prepared by the staff. Then it was on to the rather tedious task of sorting through some 700 pairs of shoes to be delivered to school children at a later date.  We had time to rest before enjoying a great meal at a local restaurant. Once back at headquarters we were able to view the glowing  orange lava flowing from the active volcano not so far away.  The nights are cool but comfortable here at altitude. Overall another enlightening and rewarding day in Central America.

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