Coming Home – Days 6 & 7

I regret not being able to blog last night, but as it was our final day, we were busy throughout the day, culminating in the Common Hope staff taking us to an elegant dinner at a restaurant to celebrate our accomplishments together this week. 

Yesterday was such a special day, as we enjoyed two wonderful milestone “endings” to our trip.  First, we got to go the village of San Raphael, where we distributed over 625 school supply kits in this beautiful Mayan village to preschoolers, elementary school, middle school, and high school children attending school in this very poor village.  Words cannot express the joy in these mother’s and children’s eyes as they bundled up these hefty kits, and balanced them so gracefully on their heads as they headed back home.  The mother’s and children’s traditional Mayan garb was stunning, and we couldn’t comprehend how these mothers balanced both babies on their backs and school supplies on their heads so effortlessly.    It was such gratifying work!  We also got to pop over and visit one of the schools in San Raphael and see the student classrooms and facilities, much of what has been donated by Rotary teams.

Our second milestone was finally getting to meet the family we built the house for this week – a single mother with four beautiful girls- and got to create and participate in a dedication service for the house.   We sang a worship hymn in Spanish (“I Love You, Lord”), did some readings from the Psalms, prayed over every part of the home, encircled the family with prayers, and sang a blessing and dedication tune to the tune of Edelweiss.  Mother had tears streaming down her face (as did many of us) as she clung to the beautiful cross that a couple of our team members picked out for her as a gift.  We finalized with ceremony with a wonderful peach cake prepared by the Common Hope staff.  It was a wonderful afternoon. 

Personally, I had a hard time saying, “goodbye,” and felt that I could have stayed at least another week (if not forever!).  I’m only beginning to process the meaning of this week and will miss the close community we enjoyed together doing such meaningful work!  I look forward to continuing this blog as I begin to process how this trip will impact and change my life as I reintegrate into Chanhassen and Waconia this week.  Thanks again for your prayers and support!!!!  –Pastor Christine

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