Adult Bible Study

TUESDAY BIBLE STUDY (starts January 8th) Starting the Book of Exodus

Come join us this New Year With the book of Exodus. It has been about 400 years since the Israelites came to Egypt. They are now slaves of the Egyptians and calling to God for help. These descendants of Abraham have grown to over 2 million people. In this incredible book we will learn how God, through a series of strange events, will lead His people home. This is a story of God’s guidance. As we read it we will discuss how God is guiding each of us every day of our lives.  This study will take us about 8 weeks after which we will move to a New Testament book. As a group we will decide which book to study next.   Join us anytime as we discuss, learn and share Scripture.

Tuesdays/ 9:15 am Westview Acres, Fireside Room – OR – 7:00 pm Faith Lutheran, Fireside Room

For more information contact Mary Westlund (952)657-2239 or Email HERE
Scripture websites
The Text This Week Read the Scripture readings for the (lectionary) week. This is also a wonderful resource for Scripture study. “The Text This Week” is an ecumenical site featuring material from many different Christian denominations.
Enter the Bible Resources to help you grow in your faith, add depth to your Bible studies and truly discover the people, places and events of the Bible. “Enter the Bible” is a site from Luther Seminary.
Book of Faith The purpose of the Book of Faith Initiative is to increase Biblical literacy and fluency for the sake of the world. This site has many resources for Bible studies.“Book of Faith” is a site from the ELCA and Augsburg Fortress. Click here to learn more!
Working Preacher An in depth look at the Scripture readings for the (lectionary) week. The Bible commentaries are provided by some of the top Biblical scholars around the world. “Working Preacher” is a site from Luther Seminary.