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September 2015



Gifts to Share Inventory 2015

Did you know that Faith Lutheran has                                        
Seven Designated Ministry Areas? 
1.  Worship and Music-This ministry takes care of all worship needs such as ushering, serving
communion, greeters and all the music offerings such as the choirs, musicians and special music.
2.  Life, Growth and Mission-This ministry takes care of the members of Faith Lutheran.  For example, Good Morning Faith, special receptions, funeral luncheons and new member orientation.
3.  Faith Formation-This is our education ministry with opportunities for all ages.  This includes such ministries as confirmation, sr. high youth, Bible studies, SPARK and BYG.
4.  Building and Maintenance-This ministry takes care of the building and property.  They coordinate seasonal cleaning, general maintenance and grounds up keep.
5.  Social Outreach-This ministry takes care of things beyond the walls of Faith; including the food shelf, our partner churches and the Giving Tree.
6.  Stewardship-This is our money, time and talent ministry.  It takes care of our financials and our Gifts to Share inventories
7.  Information Technology and Communications-This ministry supports use of technology and helps us “keep up to date” with current technology.  They also work to consistently improve communication.
All of these ministries have many volunteers that keep Faith Lutheran running smooth. Thank you!


updated 8/7/2015



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