Our December meeting is an evening meeting, December 7, 7:00 PM.  The Copper Street Brass Quintet will be doing a concert at Faith Lutheran and Faith SAGES will be the hosts for this evening, greeting people as they arrive and providing refreshments following the concert.

We are excited that Faith SAGES (55+) has begun its role at Faith Lutheran.  We have tried to provide a couple evening opportunities for those still working and a couple daytime opportunities for those of us who are retired, especially for those members who are not excited about driving at night.  As time passes we expect that Faith SAGES would grow to provide more than one meeting opportunity per month.  To make this happen we need more people to volunteer to plan and coordinate an event and we will need to wait for the construction to be finished so that we have adequate space for more events!  It is an exciting future and we welcome all 55+ to this adventure! 










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