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IGNITE confirmation
By the power of the Holy Spirit, igniting and growing in Faith through: prayer, scripture, worship, and service —in relationship with others who know Christ.

Faith Youth IGNITE- CONFIRMATION 2013-14

By the power of the Holy Spirit, igniting and growing in Faith through; prayer, scripture, worship and service – in relationship with others who know Christ.

  • The journey of faith begins at baptism and is a life-long process. IGNITE confirmation affirms that fact and provides fuel for further growth of each individual.
  • Participants in IGNITE small groups, study the Bible, the Small Catechism, and the basic teachings of the Christian Church.
  • In IGNITE confirmation a community of faith is built and empowered to reach out into the world with the love of God: through prayer, witness, worship, and service.
  • Students grow in faith through personal and trusted relationships with their peers as well as an adult mentor and a small group guide.
  • Each students connection to the faith of their own families is affirmed. Parents are encouraged and empowered to be faith role models for their children
Registrations below
IGNITE Confirmation Curriculum
Fall 2011
Fall 2012
Fall 2013
Fall 2014
7th   Bible Bible Bible
8th Bible Bible Church Church
9th Church Church Church Faith in Life
10th Confirmation Confirmation Confirmation Confirmation

IGNITE Confirmation 2013-14 Registrations:
Seventh grade registration
List of 7th graders in our records

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